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In the industry there has always been an interest from laundries to look at how costs and waste could be reduced but not many have followed through doing anything about it. Whether it be from reducing the use of utilities or reducing the time spent cleaning and maintaining lint laden machinery. Every laundry has the opportunity to explore the possibility of what savings could be achieved but it is surprising how many don’t even consider looking into it.

It doesn’t matter what size your laundry is ~ small or large ~ we want to get laundries to consider the potential of what could be achieved and our approach is simple.

We look at what you want to achieve ~ reducing energy use, energy costs, cleaning costs, improving production or a combination of all those things and advise on what we feel would be the best option. Then, using information provided by you we can work out what the solution would be, show you the savings that could be achieved and more importantly, the return on any investment.

Many laundries today find themselves being assessed by their customers over matters of sustainability. If you would like to find out how you could reduce your energy use, cut utility costs and lower your carbon footprint ~ contact us, call us and have a chat! Just think, every minute you don’t is literally money down the drain…….now that’s a waste!

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