airborne lint collectors

Energenics, the lint collection market leaders have designed the range of ambient air lint filters (AALF) to help solve the problem of lint laden air in laundries.

Available in two models and five sizes, these units are true lint scrubbing vacuums pulling lint dust and other contaminants from the air. There are three models in the LS range, the 3000 designed for OPL/Cleanroom/confined areas, the 6000 which is designed for areas with a reduced ceiling height and the 8000 designed for larger areas with higher roof spaces. The CAS range comes in two sizes and are designed for large facilities.

Removing airborne lint and dust results in cleaner rails for bag systems, reduces downtime of maintenance on expensive finishing equipment due to lint clogging belts and blocking sensors and provides a cleaner, safer working environment for operational staff.

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