dryer lint collectors

Energenics are the largest manufacturer of lint filters with 45 models that accommodate dryer exhausts from 1,000cfm/1,700m3/hr to 40,000cfm/68,000m3/hr

The range consists of:

  • Individual Duct Mounted OPL range 1,000cfm/1,700m3/hr to 2,700cfm/4,590m3/hr
  • Individual or Multi dryer Air Free range 2,000cfm/3,400m3/hr to 10,000cfm/17,000m3/hr
  • In-line Space Saver filters with automatic lint blowdown 4,000cfm/6,800m3/hr to 40,000cfm/68,000m3/hr
  • Wall Hugger filters with automatic lint blowdown 3,500cfm/5,950m3/hr to 14,000cfm/23,800 m3/hr
  • Airflow Optimisers with booster fans 2,000cfm/3,400m3/hr to 40,000cfm/68,000m3/hr

Individual Duct mounted and Air Free filters are simple to install and require no power or utility connections. In-line Space Saver and Wall Hugger filters have automatic compressed air blowdown to clear the lint screen. Air Free, In-Line Space Saver and Wall Hugger are also available with an optional fire suppression system for increased safety and an excess pressure alarm system.

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Further information can also be found at : www.energenics.com

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